Angie.jpegHi! My name is Angelina Ballerina (Angie for short). The ballerina part comes from my habit of doing a little dance when I see my human. Wouldn't you like to be my human? Too much dancing, along with some arthritis, has caused my hind end to be a little weak. I was found as a stray, but at some point I was loved since I am very fond of people. I am 7-8 years old, housebroken and learned how to use a doggy door after being shown just a couple of times. I'm a bit embarrassed about my waistline, which I have allowed to expand a will have to lay off the snacks for awhile. I also could use some beauty cream on my nose, as you can see in the photo, has gotten a little dry. Otherwise I am all caught up on my shots, am spayed and ready for you to adopt me. I will promise to be your shadow and give you tons of love.

Thank you to Karen Franklin for sponsoring Angie.

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