Available for Adoption

We are pugs needing to be rescued because we have lost our homes.  If you have love to give to any of us, please contact PROS.  Thank you for looking at us and trying to help us find a home to call our own!

Please note! PROS does not sell dogs, we adopt them out to compatible homes for an adoption fee of $300.00 for pugs over the age of 2 years old.  Pugs under the age of two are $400.00 and Special Needs and Seniors over 10 years old are $100.00.

We do not place pugs on a first come, first served basis - instead, we try to match up the needs of the pugs with the desires and lifestyle of the adopting family.

PROS especially needs to find homes for our older pugs.  Our 8 years and under pugs are very popular (for obvious reasons!) but if you have room in your heart, and on your sofa for an older, wiser pug to keep you warm, please fill out an application (or contact us if you have already been through the application process) and you will be making a little old pug man or pug lady very happy in the years when they need the most comfort and love.


ivanhoe.jpgHi!  My name is IVANHOE, but you call me IVAN.  I am an adorable 11/2 year old fawn pug boy who was dumped in a field near a shelter.  Since coming to PROS, I have been neutered, am up to date on shots, am heartworm negative, and am very healthy and active.  I like to run with the big boys.  I am playful and sweet; and have good house manners ( although, like all dogs, my training will have to be re-enforced when I arrive at YOUR HOME !).  I am hoping to find an active family where we can have lots of fun for many years to come.

Bubbles & Meatball


Hi!  My name is Bubbles, and I am a rather voluptuous 9 year old pug girl!  I was brought to PROS by a neighbor of my owners, who said I was being abused and ignored by the woman who owned me.  Despite it all, I am a cheerful, curious loving sweetie.  I am housebroken, but prefer to be escorted outdoors by a human.  I like to sleep at the foot of the bed.  I like other dogs.  I LOVE belly rubs and to have people make a fuss over me.  I've been told that I need to lose some weight, and then have some dental work done before I am eligible for adoption.  Keep checking for me to appear on the “available for adoption” list because I will make an awesome companion once my waistline and pearly whites pass inspection!

Hi!  My name is Meatball, and I am an affectionate but pudgy 5 year old black pug boy.  They have me on a diet so that I will be a svelte stud muffin by the time I am available for adoption.  (I weighed in at 25lbs!)  I am housebroken, but prefer to be taken out accompanied by a human rather than to use a doggy door.  I LOVE to snuggle, especially in bed -so be prepared to make room in your bed for me!  My favorite daytime location is to be curled next to you, using your leg for a pillow.  I like to flip over on my back with my head tilted back and wiggle like crazy to give myself a back rub.  Of course, I would not complain if YOU offered to rub my back for me!  I am starved for attention and affection, and come with a guarantee to pay you back with all the attention and affection your could ever want!  I get along with other dogs, and will make a wonderful family pet -so keep checking to see when I become available for adoption.



HI!  My name is Ray, and I am a sweet little (10.5 lb) apricot-colored pug boy.  Apricot is a rare and sought-after color for a pug.  I am only 3 years old.  At some point, I was loved and cared for, but somehow along the way I ended up living on the streets, which is how I came to be in a shelter.  From there PROS rescued me.  I am very mellow for being such a young dog, and am housebroken and crate-trained.  Now I am being treated for a skin infection.  Look for me to appear on the “available for adoption” list after I get rid of these teenage blemishes and get neutered.  I will make a great addition to some lucky family.



Hi!  My name is Prudence, and I am a glamorous shiny black 8½ year old pug girl.  My owners left me at a shelter because, they said, I am too old (??) and am having a hard time walking (??)!

First of all, I am an early middle aged lady; and secondly, I practically dragged the shelter worker across the lobby when PROS came to rescue me.  I will admit my waistline has expanded a bit; and now I am on a diet so I can do TV ads for Jenny Craig.  I am spayed, house-broken, and follow a number of commands: sit, down, stay, and “settle”, when I get too excite.  I will make a fabulous companion for someone looking for a great little girl who has plenty of years left to help you enjoy life.


pug030214.jpg helenfromgaragesale.jpg
This is Helen.  She was found wandering the streets in dire condition and was taken to a shelter.  She had her right eye removed previously and as you can see in the photo, her left eye is in seriously bad shape, leaving her totally blind.  She would not have survived long on the street.  We are so thankful to everyone who sent love and offered support for this girl on Facebook.  We were able to get her out of the shelter and into a foster home.  Obviously there are lots of medical expenses in the future for her, including surgery to remove her remaining eye.  PROS is committed to creating the life she deserves, but we need help.  Please consider donating to her care.  Any amount helps.

Thank you to Patricia Fisher Misuraca, Stephanie Temples, Jonathon Connett, Yifeng Gui, Brenda Shrout, Sagi Zommer, Lucky Gomez, Dana Umsted, Wendy Hudman, Roxann Chavarria, Sharon Vandagriff, Heidi Hogan, Eliza McCaw, Ursula Plumley, Tonya KraftDenise Gross, Joreen Bones, Press Kit Pros, Susan Vander Burght in memory of Pola, Kerri Lohr, Michelle Ingram, Tom Bauer & Nilo Ventura, Gloria Petruzzelli, William Chrisman, Lisa Gibson, Kevin Callahan, Valerie Johnson, Jonathon Larson, Lisamarie Wong, Anna Lillian Martinez, Suzan Dexter, Jason Cole, Donna Strong, Mary Bovda in memory of Gabby & Cosmo, Jennifer Fretland, Robin Valicenti, Donnie Hodge, Delmar M. Orrell and her pug, Alfred, The Green Mosaics (Martha Jones), Falon Barday, Valli Horwitz, Gissel Ruiz and Raea Bach for your donations.



Diesel is a street smart six year old black pug.  He was found wandering around and kindly taken to a vet who declared him a “hot mess”.  His list of ailments was quite considerable!  Despite his hardships Diesel is a loving, sweet boy who loves to go for car rides and hang out in the kitchen looking for falling snacks.  He would do best getting all of the love in a house hold and will need two shots a day to manage his diabetes.  Once he is able to manage some health issues he will be ready for adoption.  Bring this sweet, wise boy into your family!



Zira is a cute petite girl with adorable “Flying Nun” ears.  She loves to play with her toys and chew on bully sticks.  She gets along great with dogs, although she can be a bit bossy at first. She has done well with house manners under supervision.

Zira is looking for an active family that will play with her and take her places.



Pepsi is an adorable little madam!  She is three years old, crate trained, house trained and knows some basic commands.  She would be happiest with someone who is home more often as she gets a little nervous and loves company!  She is a friendly girl with humans and dogs alike.  She is headed to the vet for a palate trim shortly.  Bring this adorable pug-peke into your family!  She is house trained and is recovering from surgery for a palate trim to help her breath more normally.



Luigi is a real character - he spent the last few levels of his journey in the shelter before getting to the second to final round!  He is a five year old fawn male.  He is not neutered, but will be soon and has been doing well with marking (by not marking).  He could also use some continued help with leash training.  Luigi is waiting for his trip to the vet to be heartworm tested and microchipped.  Help this fearless pup win the game of life by joining your family as his forever home!



I’m Hazel (a.k.a. Miss Muffet).  I was found wandering, but a nice lady took me in and brought me to PROS.  At my first health check, I discovered I’m a hot mess.  I have critical ...untreated diabetes.  The vet ordered up insulin for me right away.  I have keyatones in my bladder, which may explain why I was so thin when I came in.  I have cataracts in one eye and dry eye in the other.  And to top it off, I have ear infections, too.  The vet can’t even guess my age until some of my health issues are under control.  I also have to be stabilized before they can spay me.  My issues have gone on a long time without care.  It is clear my previous owners dumped me.

I am starting to settle into my foster home.  I’m a sweet girl, but due to my not so good past, it took me a few days to climb into my foster mommy’s lap.  I’m learning the good places to be though, like the kitchen!  I know, that’s SO un-pug like.  I'm also house trained.

I have a long road ahead of me and a lot of medical expenses in the pipeline.  If you would like to contribute to my care, please donate in my name.  PROS promised me, unlike my previous owner, they will not give up on me.  They are determined to give me the life I deserve.

Thank you to Judy Carlson in memory of Charlie Brown & Moe, Susan Pereira, Ursula Plumley, Wendy Hudman, Catherine Santos, Teresa Daughtery, Michelle Ingram, Ella Johnson, Leslie Sorenson, William Crisman, Sharon Vandagriff, Pamela Nataloni and Courtney Vlugt for your donations.

Jazzy & Mac

jazzy_mac.jpgWe are Jazzy and Mac and we are PROS newest Dynamic Duo!!  We are 5 and 7 years old and looking for our new forever home.  Unfortunately our owner passed away and we had nowhere to go.  We love each other SOOOO much and MUST stay together.  We lived the last few months outside, so we are re-learning our indoor manners.  Luckily we’re hanging out with the folks at Pride and Pedigree doggie daycare, and they are the BOMB at dog training and manners.  So we know we are in good hands.  We are a very sweet easy going pair.  As you can see, we love cats too!! We even curl up with them.  You know what they say... if one is good, two is better, right?  So why not welcome a Pair O’ Pugs into your family!!!  That’s twice the love and laughs of one pug!
If you think you can handle this much love and cuteness, please fill out an application for us today!


andrewpug.jpgHi! My name is Andrew the Cutie - Andy for short. As you can see by my photo, I am a very handsome 5 year old boy! I am very sweet-natured; love to cuddle; but am not clingy and anxious like some dogs who have lost their families. Every morning I wake up and demand a tummy rub, and then greet each member of my foster family with a morning kiss. I am fine with other dogs and like children. House-breaking is being worked on. Adjusting to a new environment is probably contributing to my occasional mistakes; and things should further improve after I am neutered. I am waiting until an ear infection clears up to get neutered. I do have a disability - I drag one foot. The exact cause is unclear, but it will be important for me to find a home where there are no slippery floors or many stairs.
Ideally, my new adoptive family can provide me with as much love and attention as I will offer them.


Regina2013.JPGHi! My name is REGINA. Three years ago I ended up in a shelter and was rescued by PROS, and was subsequently adopted by a wonderful lady whom I loved. Sadly, she recently died, leaving instructions with the neighbors to return me to PROS. I have been through quite a lot, and am hoping to find a quiet, loving home where all I have to do is sit on your lap and be your companion. I am 9 years old, up to date on shots, heartworm-negative, and spayed. Unfortunately, toward the end my owner was too sick to take good care of me, and I now have a bad bacterial skin infection, yeast infection, and ear infection, for which I am being treated. I will not be available for adoption until I am healthy again. My eyesight is poor, due to "dry eye", for which I will need eye drops (the can be pretty expensive) for the rest of my life.
I get around surprisingly well, despite my poor eyesight. I am housebroken and know how to use a doggy door. I also will use potty pads. I am in basically good health - once I get over these infections. I have been told I am quite a DIVA around other dogs. That, combined with my vision problems, make a a candidate for a home where I get to be an "only child", whose sole job is to love you and enjoy your loving me in return. Please find it in your heart to give me that home. I promise to be your best friend.

Ickus and Oblina

OblinaIckus.JPGHi! Our names are Ickus (also known as Icky) and Oblina (also known as Miss Tiny), and we come as a package deal because Oblina is totally blind, and Icky is her "seeing eye dog". We were given up because our family moved out of the country and couldn't take us along.
Ladies first:
I am a tiny little 9 year old blind pug girl who probably won't win any beauty pageants, but there is something absolutely adorable about me. I make the strangest grunting sounds when someone gives me a good back rub. I snore. My tongue sticks out. One of my eyes bulges and looks yucky. I am a hermaphrodite. I have assorted minor health issues, including seasonal allergies. I have memorized the layout of my foster home, but still do sustain injuries from bumping into things. I banged my head on the wall when I was following another dog (who failed to tell me he was going to turn). I trip over things that are left out of place; but I am a tough little girl and I try my best. Some people might think I am not the most desirable of pugs, but my foster family is crazy about me! I am indescribably endearing!
Now for me:
My name is Ickus (aka Icky), and I am an 8 year old fawn pug boy who is employed fulll time as Oblona's seeing eye dog and helper. I like to look after her and take care of her and lick her lovingly.
Unlike practically every other dog in the universe, I LOVE bath time! I like to be washed and groomed. I sit patiently like a good boy, and say - "Make me even more handsome than I already am"!I'm not that into cuddling with people, but when I am happy, I like to roll around and make silly noises. I love a good back-scratching. I am learning better manners: I have stopped jumping on everyone. Now I am working on not mouthing people when they pet me, and not running between people's legs. I had some strange baseball-sized grey patches on both hips when I first arrived at Pug Rescue; but they are now quarter-sized and nearly healed. I am a very adorable boy.
It will take a very special person or family to "take us on". Can you find it in your heart to adopt me and my blind sister?

Featured Pug

Hazel I'm Hazel, found wondering the streets. The vet discovered I have a mess of health issues that have been neglected, but PROS promised to fix me up and get me the life I deserve.
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