Miss Pepa aka Pepsi

Miss Pepa aka Pepsi passed away on October 24, 2016.

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Dear Pros,

Bubbles passed away, peacefully as she slept, June 22, 2016.  We were all traveling back from a trip to Yellowstone and our cabin in Macks Inn.  She was laying next to me, as I drove truck, with Meatball and Carolyn on the other side of her traveling bed.  We believe she may have had a mild stroke and congestive heart failure as she labored to walk on her bad leg.

She was a trooper and always kept up with us as we traveled throughout the US and Canada.  She was up for anything new.  Her biggest adventure was going on a 48 day RV caravan to Alaska last year.  She was loved by all even when she expressed her wishes quite vocally at times, as she spoke up for herself.  (Mostly involving more food!)  She and Meatball were inseparable and together at the end.  He is getting extra love and attention as he deals with her loss.  Ollie, Carolyn’s Yorkie, is keeping a watchful eye on Meatball, also, so he is not fully alone.

Thank you for your rescue efforts and being a part of bringing Bubbles and Meatball into our lives.

Celia & Carolyn

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Alumni Rocko, we adopted in April of 2015 died yesterday, Jan. 15, 2016, due to breathing difficulties/heart failure.

Blair:  He was my perfect little buddy, I will miss him in the morning when I wake up to go to work, he would join me in the kitchen for a early morning snack, he loved to eat.  And at night time, when we would go to bed Rocko, Sarah and Charlie would all wait patiently for their nigh night cookies.  He would look at me with his one eye, then the ground to see if I put his on the floor, then back at me, until my hand went to the floor to give him his snacks.  Thank you PROS for giving us the opportunity give him his forever home.  He leaves a big hole in our hearts.

Barbara:  Rocko was a fantastic addition to our family.  I love the way he would bark at nothing at all.  Just wanted to be heard.  I will miss him keeping my feet warm at night, making mealtimes so exciting every single time, coming over to where I sit in hopes I would give him a tummy rub which he got each and every time.  He was such a wise old man and always gave me joy every time we were together.  I will miss him till my end and love him just as long.  Sarah and Charlie will miss their little buddy.  Thank you all for allowing us to have this little man as part of our family.  Rocketman, I love you.

Thanks again,

Blair, Barbara Brandylee, and fur babies Sarah and Charlie

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Today we said goodbye forever to our beloved Sammie.  She spent the weekend in the emergency vet struggling to breathe due to cardiac hypertension.  Today we had to let her go.  It broke all of our hearts.  RIP Sammie and thank you for being a pet of her life.

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