We adopted Hobo (we renamed him Wally) in 6/2005 from you.  He was 2 years old.  Wally had a great life with our dog Lexi.  We adopted her in 2004.

Wally had a toe bed cancer and his toe was amputated a few weeks ago.  Since then, his physical health was deteriorating.  He limped.  For the last week of his life, we carried him everywhere.

Last Sunday he woke up and cried persistently.  We brought him to an emergency vet and we tried a pain killer to see if it would relieve the pain.  We brought him home.  At 6pm, unexpectedly, Lexi collapsed.  She’s always been healthy and it was a shock.  We brought her to the same emergency vet.  We learned she had a heart murmur and fluid was in her lungs.  They put her in an oxygen cage and checked to see if her kidneys could handle a diuretic.  Thankfully, she could!!  They said they would call us the next morning.

Later that night at 2am, Wally’s cries couldn’t be stopped.  We knew it was time.  My husband carried him to the car to take him in.  As he started the car, the vet called.  Lexi would not be making it through the night.  Both dogs were put to sleep in his arms.  After 13 years together, they chose the same moment to go together.

While are hearts are broken and our home is empty, I wanted to thank you and all your volunteers for what you do for these animals.  Wally filled our lives with love, laughter, and snoring for the past 13 years.  We were honored to be his forever home.


The Beck family


I’m sad to let you know we had to say goodbye to Bill (aka Billy aka Billy Idol aka Mr. Bill), adopted through PROS in January 2007.  Severe end stage liver and kidney disease.  😭  He was a part of our family for 11 years, but probably between 15 and 17 years old.  He was an amazing fit for our family and we are forever grateful to PROS for him.  We are heartbroken and incomplete without him.

Jessica Frantzich (Springgay) and family

» Billy’s Story


Beauty crossed the rainbow bridge (02.23.2018). 🌈  We will miss our sweet baby girl and are lucky we had her for 5 1/2 years.  She brought so much joy to our lives.  We will be teary eyed without her in our lives.  Sweet Dreams Baby Girl.

Parents Margaret & Alvin

» Baby & Beauty’s Story

Stella Sue

From the moment I first saw her face, I fell in love hard with Stella Sue.  She brought so much joy to my every day.  Her smile, her snore, her little bark, her wiggle tail, her precious kisses, oh how I miss this.  The way her tongue would stick out.  I loved to kiss that little tongue.  I will miss all the daily routine together.  I already do.  I miss your warm body next to me at night.  I know Sarah and Charlie are missing you too.  Us all cuddling on the couch.  The house is very quiet without you.  Till we meet again, my Stella Sue.  You are forever in my heart.

She was just shy of her 12th birthday and we were sure she would be with us much longer.  Stella has become such a special part of our lives.  I will miss when she would roll over on her side when we would say come on, let’s go outside.  She really liked the nightly ritual of nigh night cookies.  She always greeted me at the door when I would come home from work.  She is greatly missed.  Thanks again for letting us take her into our home.

Blair, Barbara, Brandy Lee, Sarah and Charlie.

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Honey Bear

Honey Bear crossed the rainbow bridge at 4:30am on 01.13.2018.

From Foster Mommy, Lynne North
Mr. Honey Bear came to me in November 2014 as a foster through Pug Rescue of Sacramento.  He was around 12 years old and diabetic.  He rapidly developed cataracts and became blind, and not long after lost his hearing.  Despite it all, he was a sweet, and I thought temporary, addition to my pack.  But with his age and all his medical issues, Honey Bear was repeatedly passed over, so I was happy to love and care for him over the last three years.  He was an amazing little guy!  This morning, Honey Bear unexpectedly left his earthly ills behind and danced his way over the Rainbow Bridge. 🌈  There’s a brand new star shining brightly in the sky tonight. 🌟  I will miss you, Honey Bear!

» Honey Bear’s Story

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