• NAME:   Brando
  • GENDER:  
  • AGE:   6 yr
  • COLOR:   Black

Hi, my name is Brando!  I am a 6 year old neutered male black pug.  I was found as a stray and taken to a shelter, and then rescued by PROS.  I get along well with other dogs, and children.  I have a big assortment of toys and none of them get neglected, but the ball is my favorite.  I will chase it forever.  I have a softer side to me, don’t tell anyone but I like to be held like a baby.  I like to eat, I like to go on walks which I need because I do love to eat, I like going for rides in the car.  I like to go into shops with you, I behave well and I am a perfect gentleman.  I really need to be with my human companions.  I tend to be closer to women; I like men but I need to warm up to them first, then their my friend for life.  Because of my severe seperation anxiety, I will be staying with PROS in hospice care.  Brando has been with PROS since July of 2008.

July 2011 Update: Brando will be 8 this month.  He would be the perfect pug if his separation anxiety were more manageable.  He never leaves his foster Mom’s side; even if she has to go to church or the store, he howls and cries.  Brando is starting to go blind and the little guy can’t stand the heat.  Other than that he is perfect… and we love him to pieces.

Brando and PROS send hugs and kisses to Delmar Orrell and Alfred for their donation, in memory of Miss Sally Bobbin, to help pay his medical bills.  And thank you to Red i Studios and Max Hinchman for sponsoring Brando!