• NAME:   Roz
  • GENDER:  
  • AGE:   4 – 5 yr
  • COLOR:   Black

Hello – I’m Roz.  I am a 4 or 5 year old, spayed, black female pug.  I’m pretty special and I’m sure if you meet me, you’ll think so too.  I’m not shy when it comes to telling people how great I am.  It’s not bragging if its the truth!  My foster mom says that I am very affectionate and smart.  She also says I’m a real pistol, whatever that means.

I am crate trained and I get along with other dogs.  I do best with medium sized, male dogs.  I sometimes find little dogs that are smaller than me to be a bother and I can be bossy with females.  I came into PROS with some hair loss but my hair has completely grown back in and my skin looks great.  It must be the good food and TLC from my foster mom.  I take eye drops daily to keep dry eye at bay.  I have some arthritis in my back end but I’m not in pain and I’m feeling better with glucosamine added to my food.  Occasionally I have an accident due to an old neurological injury.  If I didn’t have these minor issues I would be beyond perfect and we all know that no one is perfect.

Roz has been a PROS hospice pug since August 2012.