Honey Bear

  • NAME:   Honey Bear
  • GENDER:  
  • AGE:   13 yr
  • COLOR:   Fawn

Honey Bear loves to be right next to his human peep all the time.  It’s his security thing.  Honey Bear has lost his eye sight altogether due to diabetic cataracts and now glaucoma.  Honey Bear won’t mind if his human peep is his seeing eye.  Honey Bear loves to sleep on the crouch and won’t jump down on his own.  He will let you know when he needs to go outside or get a drink of water by standing up and waiting to put his leash on him and help him down.  Since Honey Bear can’t hear or see, he becomes anxious and cries if he is left alone.

Honey Bear is certainly adoptable, however, whoever adopts him must be prepared to be with him nearly 24 hours a day.  He does not like being left alone, day or night.  Although he is housebroken, he needs to be lead outside on a leash because he is totally blind and dependent.